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Divisional Instruction Facilitator Guide
DIF – definition and duties:
SEIC By-laws- Governance:

D. Each ACA Division may seat a Divisional Instruction Facilitator or representative, selected from among the Division’s Instructors and Instructor Trainers.
1. Divisional Instruction Facilitators shall be responsible for coordination and promotion of Instructor Development and Certification Workshops, Methods Workshops, Instructor Trainer Development Workshops and Updates as needed within their Divisions.  These should be coordinated with the appropriate ACA Activity Committees and the SEIC and shall be approved by the National Office.

1.  Divisional instruction corps information – obtain a copy of all instructors and instructor trainers in each discipline from the ACA instruction database coordinator. This will contain names, contact info and dates of certification and expiration. This information will enable the DIF to analyze the data and compile instructor and instructor trainer lists to be used for update planning and organization. This step is the first key to a successful program.
2. Paddling clubs – identify the paddling clubs in your division. Send out a communication asking for each club president’s contact information. Make an effort to personally contact each president and identify the club education chair. A discussion of the relationship with the ACA and ascertaining club instructor needs will be beneficial in identifying instruction issues and developing a divisional instruction plan. Partnering with the clubs is a key to developing and maintaining a productive divisional instruction program.
3. Outfitters, instruction schools, colleges and universities: it may behoove the DIF to develop a relationship with outfitters, instruction schools and the education community within the division to survey their needs and attitudes.
4. Update scheduling: we have found that communications plays a fundamental role in the success of instructor update attendance. It is imperative that the information on update schedules be posted and communicated at least 6 months prior to the event.  We have found great success in scheduling updates on the same weekend annually. Consistency in scheduling promotes consistency in attendance.
5. Electronic communications: divisional websites are a great way to keep instructors aware of ongoing schedules and changes, club websites are also a great way to post information on ACA news and update schedules. The ACA website is also an available tool for course posting.
6. SEIC meeting attendance: DIFs are asked to make an effort to attend the full SEIC meetings held twice a year. DIFs hold a voting seat on the council and are able to be the voice of their divisional instructor corps. Participation also enhances the DIFs ability to keep abreast of course changes and the direction of SEIC and the ACA.
7. Divisional coordination: DIFs and the division officers should work together to promote instructional events through club schools, divisional schools and paddling extravaganzas. We have found great success in scheduling divisional business meetings and updates to coincide on the same weekend.
8. IT corps: one of the duties the ITs are charged with (SEIC Policy) is to assist with updates. We have been able to ask ITs to donate one weekend to the division and co-teach an update. This enables the division to offer updates at a reasonable rate and use this method as a divisional fundraiser. These funds can then be used to promote divisional instruction events.
9. DIF - SEIC reports: DIFs are asked to submit a written report on divisional instruction activities. They are also tasked with formulating a plan on how the division plans to promote instruction and recruit instructors and trainers. ITEs within the division should act as a resource to the DIF on these tasks.
10. DIF s should cultivate and maintain a working relationship with the SEIC Executive committee (Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary). The Vice-chair is responsible for DIF monitoring and instruction delivery.

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